Soul Woman and the Chosen Remnant

Saturday morning and the wet putty-looking sky appeared ready to ooze. The drive to Urbana from Chicago would take Daniel about three hours, three monotonous hours, he decided. Driving Fear and Trembling, his ’74 Toyota Corolla past the 200,000-mile odometer reading might provide an unwanted distraction. But then again, Daniel pushed himself and everything around…

Use All Truth-Seeking Resources

  Is evolution compatible with Christianity – absolutely! Are science and Christianity compatible – absolutely! Is your understanding compatible with both truth-seeking science and Christian Cosmology?  – TBD.     John Polkinghorne Ard Louis research group & Dr. A.A. Louis Biologos

“Attention Must Be Paid”

  Arthur Miller’s play Death of a Salesman and “82,000” has been on my mind lately. Here is a brief intro video.  No comment will be necessary. The video following has Linda Loman saying “Attention must be paid” to 63-year-old Willy Loman [2:50] “We were almost free and clear.” I suggest watching the entire play.  

The Housekeepers

The five-day conference, “Alethea Lit Conference – Form without Substance? brought Irene to town. She was to lead the symposium O Still Voice of Calm on day three. On Sunday evening Irene checked into room 351 and got settled. Pulling back the drapes she could see a terrace and beyond that the wooded campus of…

What Ever Happened On the Way to Wisdom?

  Where then does wisdom come from?     Where does understanding dwell? It is hidden from the eyes of every living thing,     concealed even from the birds in the sky. Destruction and Death say,     “Only a rumor of it has reached our ears.” God understands the way to it     and he alone…