Who Has Believed Our Report?


“Feel! Joseph! Feel!”

“Put your hand on my belly!”

“A kick! And there, another!”

“Feel the dancing embrace? The limbs akimbo?”

“My womb, my words have become pregnant with blessing.”


(The Word made has been made flesh –

A black and white sonogram prophesied His coming.)


“Place your hand on my side, Joseph.”

“My Lord and My God? Here and now?!”

“Yes! I feel …!”

“Oy, but what can a “root out of dry ground” do for this God-forsaken world?”


Place your hand into my side, Thomas.

“Put your finger here; Feel the Resurrection and the Life.”

“See my pierced hands. Believe your own report!”

“To whom has the arm of the Lord been revealed?”

“Stop doubting and believe!”




© Jennifer Johnson, 2014, All Rights Reserved



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