Climate Apocalyptic-ism & The WannaBe Oppressed, Part 2-The Cult

As a follower of Jesus Christ, the Messiah-King, you will want to know what false religions and cults are being presented to the people you meet every day.  These cults are promoted as ‘enlightened,’ dogmatically correct and demanding of your time and money. 

During the first century AD the apostles Paul and John did battle against false teachings, teachings that included religious syncretism – the combining of worldly elemental ‘beliefs’ with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. In the agora there was a plethora of gods and idol worship, including pantheism and Gaia.

Today there are environmental groups that evangelize what I call “global climate warming change” (GCWC).  I combine the two sets of words for fun because the sects have revised their language from global warming to climate change in hopes of changing our minds through simplistic jingoism, ala “homosexual” to “gay” to “queer” to “diverse.”

As I walk through the train station every day I see an overhead huge LCD sign cycling advertisements.  One of these ads is a reminder to us of the duty we have to battle climate change.  As Christians, be alert and be wary of this kind of subliminal propaganda.

Beyond this, as you are aware, is the ongoing main stream media blitz along with President Obama’s and Secretary of State Kerry’s diversionary tactics pointing us to the ‘crisis’ of GCWC. They, as a group, certainly don’t want you to think about Obamacare and the negative effect it will have on the next election. They would rather you gather up your youthful angst and use it to change the world…for their benefit, ala Al Gore.

And, you probably have heard recently of a billionaire throwing money at the warming wall in hopes of… making environmental worship stick. (Throw some of that money my way and I will tell people not to worry. It’s all a farce. The earth has been climate cycling for millions of years.)

As followers of Christ we are stewards of the earth but we do not worship footprints of carbon or follow others like lemmings over the cliffs of insanity into the false and corrupted ‘science’ of GCWC.

For more information on this “cult” read my post:

Climate Apocalyptic-ism & The WannaBe Oppressed

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