Bow To The Illiberal Kowtow?

political correctness

On June 1, 2014 I posted Label Me In Christ.

In that post I talked about how conversations are quickly shut down with name calling and labeling.  The Left ~ Progressives, Democrats, et al will use what ever means necessary to shut down any conversation that veers near the truth, reality or simple common sense. 

 Remember the accounts in the book of the Acts of the Apostles where the Apostle Paul preached the gospel openly from his corner tent making business.  Sometimes he had the freedom to speak about Christ. Other times he was taken before the local magistrates and accused of ‘hurting’ other’s viewpoints. He was then summarily beaten and run out of town.

At one point Paul pushed back on the whip of intolerance with the providence of his Roman citizenship. He was then able to gain access to an audience in Rome. Ultimately Paul was put to death in Rome for his ‘views.’

The same intolerance now holds Iranian Christian Pastor Saeed Abedini, arrested in 2012, in prison for his ‘views.’

Never stop spreading the Gospel – the good news of Jesus Christ – no matter the cost, no matter the Intolerance of the Left

Below is what others are saying about the Left’s desired Utopian Caliphate – a place where their Sharia Law of Intolerance exists.

 From Benjamin Weingarten’s post at The Blaze, April 14, 2014:

America’s Submission to Islam and the Censorship of the Left

For a free society to endure requires open and honest debate on ideas. The progressive Left claims it supports freedom of speech, but ask yourself on the following issues, are we free to talk or does the Left stifle debate:

The more areas of speech we circumscribe, the less freedom remains.

It would seem to me that what we have today, as opposed to the pluralistic and dynamic society that the American experiment requires, is totalitarianism masquerading under the banner of tolerance.

What we have today…is totalitarianism masquerading under the banner of tolerance.

What the Left’s intolerance reflects is that despite its moral relativism — a world without objective truths in which there is no such thing as good and evil — the Left believes there are judgments to be made, that certain values and ideas are superior: its own.

What separates the devils from the angels is simply whether or not you agree with them….

Yet despite the Left’s adherence to secular humanism, it finds common cause with Islamic supremacists.

Leftist secularists may not approve of religion, but like Islamic supremacists they have an overarching ideology that requires the stifling of all dissent.

In the final analysis, just like the Islamic supremacists, the Left wants us to all become their dhimmis. (emphasis mine)


More of the illiberal liberal intolerance:

The Shame of Brandeis by Charles C. W. Cooke, National Review Online

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