Redemption and Grace and Our Father’s Car


Redemption: Our Father in heaven saw that what He had created was good but that man’s sin was destroying what had been created-relationships, the earth and hope.

Our Father in heaven declared through Old Testament Scriptures that a huge price had to be paid to redeem the lost and hurting world. A “suffering servant” was prophesied to us through Israel’s prophet Isaiah. So, God sent his Son to pay that price.

Sure there were others who raised their hands bidding in hope of redemption but they always came up short. Only the Man Christ Jesus could pay the ultimate price of redemption so that we, adopted children, could be given the keys to the Kingdom and drive Our Father’s car.


“But now, quite apart from the law (though the law and the prophets bore witness to it), God’s covenant justice comes into operation through the faithfulness of Jesus the Messiah, for the benefit of all who have faith. For there is no distinction:  all sinned, and fell short of god’s glory-and by God’s grace they are freely declared to be right, to be members of the covenant, through the redemption which is found in the Messiah Jesus.” (Emphasis mine.)  The Apostle Paul writing to the church in Rome, chapter 3: 21-24


But when it comes to mercy, God is rich! He had such great love for us that he took us at the very point where we were dead through our offenses, and made us alive together with the king.  (Yes, you are saved by sheer grace!) He raised us up with him, and made us sit with him-in the heavenly places, in King Jesus!  This was so that in the ages to come he could show just how unbelievably rich his grace is, the kindness he has shown to us in Christ Jesus.” (Emphasis mine.)  The Apostle Paul writing to the church in Ephesus, chapter 2: 4-7


Jesus speaking to his eager-to-be-first disciples:

If any of you wants to be first, he must be slave of all. That’s how it is with the son of man:  he didn’t come to have servants obey him, but to be a servant-and to give his life as ‘a ransom for many’. (Emphasis mine.) The Gospel according to eyewitness Matthew, chapter 20:28.

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