They Will Hammer Swords into Plowshares…


… And so it is at Cantigny Park:

A repurposed “V”, having sundered war and peace,

Furrowed the way for the promise of seed,

The mortal Spade, the top layer of soil it cut loose,

The Implement of war having been turned from its use,

To summon daylight onto a field and hope’s release.




Memorial Day 2016:  Cantigny Park w/the Robert R. McCormick Museum and First Division Museum

The following photos ©Jennifer A. Johnson were taken this morning at Cantigny Park.

The gardens are changing with the seasons.  The roses bloom next month. The tanks are going nowhere.


Cantigny Park Visitor Center


First Division Museum

First Division Museum


Rose Garden

Robert R. McCormick Museum

Robert R. McCormick Museum


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