A stone’s throw away…

Have you heard the true story?

Palestinian rock and firebomb throwers

A Palestinian rock and firebomb thrower

I am guessing you haven’t.  I did not until now.

Amid the Middle East terrorist tempest and menacing misinformation, evils generated by anti-Israel forces, the vitriolic cries of haters hope to discharge any goodwill towards Israel. Their vituperous discharge also comes in this form – Palestinian rock and firebomb throwers.

What kind of person would want this small child to throw rocks at Israeli soldiers?–


Have you heard the true story?

Giving up Everest to save a life

“With just 300 meters to go before reaching the peak of Mount Everest, Israeli mountaineer Nadav Ben-Yehuda saw a Turkish climber lying unconscious in the snow, and in an instant gave up a lifetime’s dream to save his fellow climber’s life.”

Israeli Everest climber saves Turkish ‘brother’

Israeli gives up on Everest summit to help Turkish climber

I came across this story as I read Dr. Amir Aczel’s book Why Science Does Not Disprove God.

From Chapter 12, The Limits of Evolution:

“…So truly altruistic behavior—which we know has existed in the world since time immemorial—is not well explained by evolution.

An example that, to use one of [Richard] Dawkins’s favorite expressions, “deals a knockout blow,” to evolution as an acceptable explanation for altruism is the following.  In May 2012, several groups of individuals attempted to climb Mount Everest, as happens every spring.  One of the climbers, a young Israelis, was well on his way to the top when he came across a fallen Turkish climber who had lost his face mask, his oxygen supply, and much of his equipment.  He clearly was going to die very soon because the extreme cold and oxygen-poor air near the summit.

The Israeli, who was in excellent shape and about to achieve a lifelong dream he had been training for all his life, stopped immediately and spent several hours helping the disabled Turk get back down the mountain.  He saved the Turkish climber’s life, at a loss of three of his own fingers and four toes to frostbite, and also lost the chance to make it to the summit of Everest. 

Nadav Ben-Yehuda, Everest-climber

Nadav Ben-Yehuda, Everest-climber

Turkey and Israel have been political enemies since the Turkish-led flotilla in May 2010.  There was no love lost between these nations.  The Turkish flag, with its star and crescent, was visibly sewn on the climber’s outfit, so the Israeli saw it.

Other climbers had given up the Turk for dead…”

ADAV BEN-YEHUDA and Aydin Irmak

ADAV BEN-YEHUDA and Aydin Irmak






Have you heard this true story?

“This is my command:  love one another, in the same way that I have loved you.  No one has a love greater than this, to lay down your life for your friends.”

-Jesus, as recorded in the Gospel according to eye-witness John, chapter 15, vs. 13.

A stone’s throw away…

…from a summit, from an enemy, from exclusion or embrace.


Added 10-18-2015:




NADAV BEN-YEHUDA and Aydin Irmak 370. (photo credit:Nitzan Arny/Israeli Embassy in Nepal)


Israeli mountaineer Nadav Ben-Yehuda arrives back in Israel after the heroic rescue on Everest. Photo by Yehoshua Yosef/Flash90

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