Domains Without Boundaries or Tiger’s Blood Comes Up Way Short

Tiger Blood - The elixir of no limits.

Tiger Blood – The elixir of no limits.

Charlie Sheen: ‘I’m here to admit that I am HIV-positive’

This headline caught everyone’s eye this past week.  Sheen’s admission reminded me of a visit to a LGBT support group several years ago.

Back then I was doing research for a blog. As a Christian I wanted to know what topics were being discussed among LGBT members and how I could address them as a Christian.  I began to see that many churches were becoming rainbow ‘inclusive’.  And being a person of discernment and a defender of the faith I knew that sheep were going badly astray in name of Christ.

Love knows No Boundaries and No Boundaries is HIV positive.

Love knows No Boundaries and No Boundaries is HIV positive.

I meant to publish the results at the time but I was repulsed by what I learned. I felt unclean and in need of cleansing.  Honestly, I didn’t want to even think about that day.

I publish the story now because people need to know the truth about the LGBT community and about the sex addicts, like Charlie Sheen with his “psychological escapism.”

Prior to this visit I had visited two other LGBT support groups in Chicago’s Oak Park area.  So, this report is not a one-off.

I had decided to attend a LGBT support group meeting in a town not far from me. The meeting time and place were published online.  The meeting was described as a “Transgender Support Group Meeting”. It took place on a Sunday afternoon.  So after church I made my way to the northwestern suburb of Chicago and the community building.

As I entered the building I knew that I would stand out.  I couldn’t say that I was gay or relate to their ‘issues’ or experiences. And my being there as observer might affect my observation, much like someone in a quantum mechanics setting trying to accurately specify position and momentum at the same time:  the more precisely one property is known, the less precisely the other can be known (aka, Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle).

I found the meeting room and the leader.  Rosie (not ‘her’ real name) greeted me. Rosie approached me in a floral dress with long hair shrouding guy features. She was the “T” of LGBT.

Rosie introduced me to the thirteen attendees.  Looking about me I saw various older men in women’s attire, many with beards and facial hair.  “OK” I thought, are they transgender or transvestite?  I waited for the answer to reveal itself.

Rosie brought the meeting to order.  After going over the minutes of the last meeting Rosie went on to new business.

New business:  the next meeting date and time; meeting men in a nearby forest preserve; introducing the speaker.

The speaker:  Rosie introduced Jim (a pseudonym he used) as “someone who will teach us about AIDS.”  “We are required to talk about public health related issues once a year since we are federally funded.”

Hearing that, I perked up hopeful that some good would come out of his talk.  But, as the Uncertainty Principle would have it, an HIV ‘donor’ stepped up front and center instead.

Jim told his story:  abandoned by his father he was raised by his mother – a pattern all too common in the LGBT individual’s history.  (The loss is of a parent whether of abandonment or divorce or by verbal denigration by the other parent is usually never dealt with adequately by children alone.  It is brushed under the ‘I love mom” rug.  And soon an ad hoc ‘parent’ is sought to fill the emotional need.  In doing so the person moves into homosexuality and the group experience of the LGBT community, which supports emotional and sexual co-dependence.)

Jim proceeded to talk about his homosexual experience.  He had been with so many men that he didn’t know the count. He talked about going to Boy’s Town on the north side of city of Chicago and the bath houses he visited.  He then mentioned that he had contracted AIDS from someone there. At this point he gave no warning or advice. He simply, unabashedly, stated that he continued to have sex with men in these places.  His words of defense: “These guys know what they are getting into.”  That was the end of his talk about AIDS.

Two of us out of the dozen or so listeners sat stunned. No questions were asked of Jim.  As a newbie I shamefully kept my mouth shut until I could voice my concern to the leader of the group. And I did so.  I said that “this man should be put in jail.”


Here is a slightly dated news story that accurately depicts the “New Business” discussed above. Note the criminality of AIDS transmission:

[Kane County Forest Preserve District Chief Charles] “Budde told the Courier News that the sting didn’t target gay men, though he did tell WCT, “We’ve never arrested a woman for that. It’s always been males.””(emphasis added)…

“In addition to the public indecency charges, one man was also charged with three counts of solicitation of a sex act and attempted criminal transmission of HIV. Hogle told WCT that the latter charge came after both the man and his wife independently told officers that he is HIV positive.”

“Criminal transmission of HIV is a Class 2 felony, according to a 1989 law, punishable by three to four years in jail or a $25,000 fine. Under state law, a person is guilty of the offense if he or she, knowing that they are HIV positive, “engages in intimate contact with another,” transfers potentially infectious bodily fluids or sells and/or exchanges non-sterile intravenous drug paraphernalia.” (emphasis added)



Now comes …

Charlie Sheen: ‘I’m here to admit that I am HIV-positive’

The safe place - within bounds

The safe place – within bounds

Tiger’s Blood does not make one invincible, nor does a Supreme Court ruling. What you let into your life is what you have to live with.  Boundaries (and borders) are life and death important.


One thought on “Domains Without Boundaries or Tiger’s Blood Comes Up Way Short

  1. There will be a period of Charlie being the poster boy for HIV, as his media machine publicizes his redemption. We will be forced to witness the charade throughout the media. He will be made into some kind of victim. The less I hear about Charlie from now on, the better.

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