Obama, The Terrorist Mosque Mook

Christians should not be feeding on pablum, the processed food given to infants. And, Barack Obama is pablum incarnate.

The finger-pointing and shaming Obama has said that there are Americans who “bitterly cling to guns and Bibles.” But, from his high-sounding lectures we learn of Crusader Obama cleaving to Islam and the Koran and its terror filled ways. He (and his AG Loretta Lynch) berate anyone who would question the ways of Islam. How odd and how evil to promote what is in-your-face evil over what has a history of overwhelming good. But that is the way of Progressivism and the way of “fundamental transformation”. The anti-Bush is much more like the anti-Christ.

In his last (thank you God!) year as president, Obama is desperately trying to create a legacy out of processed political motives, hence the visit to a Baltimore Mosque and the hubristic lectures. Obama is campaigning to become president of the world – UN Secretary General. Don’t eat the pablum.


Obama Snatched Ramadi Defeat from Bush Victory

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