The Miracle Workers – Engineers


“Go and tell John [the Baptist], replied Jesus, “what you’ve seen and heard.  Blind people are seeing! Lame people are walking! People with virulent diseases are being cleansed! Deaf people can hear again! The dead are being raised to life!  And – the poor are hearing the good news!  And God bless you if you’re not upset by what I am doing.”  From Matthew’s Gospel account 11 v. 5


The Lord will work out his plans for my life—for your loving-kindness, Lord, continues forever. Don’t abandon me—for you made me.  Psalm 138 v. 8

I’ve worked as an engineer for most of my life.  I work in a field where I don’t get to hear directly from those who benefit from my work.  Yet, I take pleasure in doing good work, knowing that my detailed designs bring about a better life for hundreds of thousands even though they most likely take no account of where the benefit derived.

In a world of chronic whining, ingratitude and deconstructionism I am grateful when I hear and see things which are constructive and about those miracles that change things for the better.

Now, one might suppose from reading the Scripture that miracles are instantaneous.  Point your finger and BAM!  Life is changed for the better.  But the greater reality is that most miracles take time and use human input.  See below.

There is great joy to be found in the noble engineering work of others. I think you will see what I mean after watching these videos.


I’ve saved the adorable for last…






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